Hot Down Here

[G] I have fallen
[G] Oh I have fallen
Into [C] darkness into [G] fear
[G] Maybe it's only
Global [C] warming
But it's [G] gettin mighty [D] hot down [G] here

So bring me [C] up (oh bring me up)
Direct to [G] heaven
To that [D] party [C] in the [G] sky
My eyes are [C] achin
My heart so [G] weary
The [D] end is [C] surely [G] nigh
Said bring me [C] up
Right up to [G] heaven
Tired of [D] waitin on that [C] Judgement [G] day
I am [C] ready
Oh lord I'm [G] ready
And it's [D] gettin [C] hotter every [G] day

I've been watching
Lord I've been watching
500 channels every day
But I'm still searching
For my savior
Y'know it's gettin hotter every day

And if I wake up
In your heaven
Then I (then I) will learn to pray
But somethin tells me
There's ain't no heaven
And this world is here to stay


Repeat V1

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