River Never Crossed

Verse: D C G G


She [D]told him 'bout [C]life on the [G]river
How nothin' seems to move at all
He talked about what he had forsaken
Rivers never crossed

Chorus: G D C G

[G] Watch me fall ten thousand miles
[D] Finger flames of sunset cloud
[C] Watch me make this line across the
[G] sky

[G] Fold me in your quiet arms
[D] Underwater midnight dream
[C] Whisper words that call us to
[G] sleep


He always thinks twice in the morning
(....) She never thinks at all
So many hearts left unbroken
Rivers never crossed



Now she thinks of him in the evening
When the train whistle calls
Singin' 'bout roads that go nowhere
Rivers never crossed

[Chorus x2]

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